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About us

Telusem® brings seeds innovation to Africa and Middle East

Established in Switzerland by professionals who combine over 70 years of experience in the international agricultural industry, Telusem® offers compelling solutions to its partners thanks to:

Global access to varieties

Telusem® maintains a global network of seeds companies to get access to innovative germplasm fitting the needs of the markets in Africa Middle East (e.g. heat and drought tolerance, disease resistance, fruit size).

Precise market intelligence

Based on its year long experience of the Africa and Middle East seeds market as well as its dedicated network of distributors and agents, Telusem® has a thorough understanding of the local market needs and trends.

Tailor made portfolio

By combining this precise market intelligence with its global access to varieties, Telusem® can supply tailor-made portfolios to the local growers focusing on vegetable crops in the Middle East, Maghreb and Southern Africa.

Providing varieties that fit the local agronomy and consumers' taste, at an affordable price is what drives us!

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